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Charlotte Hill, (Honorary) Assistant PsychologistCharlotte Hill, (Honorary) Assistant Psychologist
BSc Psychology degree from Cardiff University. Charlotte underwent numerous Research Assistant posts alongside her degree, including a summer internship with the Psychosis team at the Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience. Charlotte learnt to administer cognitive assessments for the purpose of clinical research and helped conduct clinical interviews.

MSc Psychology in Clinical Practice from Nottingham Trent University (awaiting result). This particular course provided Charlotte with experience as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist within an NHS Assessment and Treatment Unit, where she gained therapy experience and became skilled at supporting assessments and collaborating in Multidisciplinary teams. Charlotte undertook research and developed a paper investigating the impact of PBS training for care staff, which is currently in the process of editing for submission of publication.

Other previous positions held:
  • Neuro-rehabilitation worker for clients with brain injuries across the West Midlands.
  • Honorary Assistant Psychologist (South Wales Forensic Expert Witness Service).
  • Research Assistant (Cardiff University).

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